Can you share an example of how you would ask others about your ideal Heart?

Thomas N. asked: Could you give an example of how you would ask people if they know someone similar to your imagined Heart of the story? Is it as blunt as "hey, do you know anyone similar to a man who loves Football so much that he keeps pieces of old football leather in a scrap book and feels it is a connection to his late Father?" Just wondering a way you guys do this more subtly haha.

Remember, at this point our story isn't nailed down. We haven't chosen a Heart, and we haven't developed our keywords. We're researching and listening - trying to find that person with the Big 3 Things. Imagining ideal Hearts is a way for us to A) fully understand what we're listening for, and B) communicate that to others.

For The Final Stitch, we talked to factory workers, managers, Wilson execs, NFL folks, and Ada citizens; letting them know we were telling a story that would involve the Wilson factory, the NFL and the Superbowl. We told them we wanted to meet unique people with very strong desire. If someone were to say, "What do you mean?" we then had our ideal hearts as examples. "Well, imagine a plant manager who wants to be sure every ball that leaves the factory is as perfect as possible. He grew up around football and he and his father bonded over games. While he was never good enough to play in the NFL, making footballs is his way of staying connected to the game - and his dad. He has three boys who all love to play football, and he collects scrap leather from all of the Super Bowl balls as mementos for his sons."

While we didn't find that exact person (or any of our imagined Hearts), having them as examples did lead us to Aunt Jane, and the Heart of our story.