Getting multiple perspectives doesn't mean you have to show multiple interviews, correct?

Christine F. asked: In the steps of the interview you talk about getting multiple perspectives to help flush out the story. In the case of the Final Stitch, it was Jane's story and her interview alone. So I guess my question is the multiple perspectives don't always have to be shown through multiple on-cam interviews, correct? I'm assuming that your other interviews helped flush out the narrative represented in the VO.

When we make the point about gathering multiple perspectives, we're really referring to your initial listening and research stage, when you're still just trying to find strong characters for your story, and consider all of your possibilities, from a company's CEO, to a customer, a janitor, or to an intern.

So you are correct, these multiple perspectives are just trying to give you a better picture of the whole story, and learn about ALL of the potential candidates, so you can then make a better, informed decision for who are actually the strongest candidates to carry that story.

We may record some audio or Skype calls during the pre-interviews to review later, but we're not actually filming or interviewing yet as we listen to all of these perspectives. We're just learning—staying curious and open to let the story move us, before we move the story.

And in the People Pillar, we'll go much more in detail on what you're looking for as you research and talk with all of these folks, and why you ideally then want to narrow it down to a single person to lead with and focus on.