Do you have questions I could ask our couples via email or a questionnaire to get to know them better?

Markus T. asked: I have just completed the one day intensive Muse course in Melbourne. My company captures approx 220 weddings per year. I strongly believe even at this volume we can create personal stories...just 230 of them. After participation i have realized it is important to get know the couple and delve deeper into their personalities. Do you have a suggested series of questions i could ask our couples either via email or via a questionnaire to get to know them better? The Muse course from my understanding is built to a degree on psychology of story telling. So I guess I'm looking for that type of approach through a series of questions.

First off, try something like ShootQ, a software app that will automatically send out a questionnaire to your couples. You can have that set to do so say 4 weeks before their wedding day. I'd suggest making a questionnaire about the wedding details you need (the boring stuff) and a separate one JUST about them, and far less about the wedding, so you can try and get in a space to get to know them.

Now when it comes to questions, keep in mind that our goal here is to know their Big 3 Things so that we can give that information to our team and they can make a more unique film for that couple (and also enjoy what they do a heck of a lot more). With your company, any changes need to add efficiency and reduce shooting and editing time while also make the stories deeper and more intentional— that's what we want to help you with :)

So, let's look at some questions for each of the Big 3 Things:


  • What are you most excited about on the wedding day? And be specific, what exact moment are you most looking forward to?
  • Beyond the wedding, what do you dream to do one day?
  • What are some of your favorite hobbies or passions? We'd love to know 2-3 things that you LOVE to do.
  • What do you love to do with your partner? And is there anything you hope to do together one day?
  • Are you doing anything for your partner on the wedding day that you're really excited about?
  • What moment do you think your partner can't wait for, and why?


  • If you think about your partner, what are 3 things that you think make them different? (ask this to each partner separately - ideally the whole quiz is filled out separately)
  • What is one thing that your partner does for you that makes you feel really loved?
  • Out of all of your friends and other people you've dated in the past, what are some of the biggest things you've found in your partner that you've never seen in anybody else?


  • Why did you choose this person to be married to?
  • Did you always know you wanted to get married? If yes, when did you start thinking about it? If no, what changed your mind and can you think of a specific moment?
  • And when it comes to the wedding, what details are most important, and why did you choose them? Try to pick at least 3 things that are especially important and have a strong 'why'. It could be your wedding date, the venue, a portion of the meal, your vows.
  • When and where did you meet your partner? And what about the proposal? Is that related to any of the details on your wedding day?

That should get you far more than you need. I'd then have a studio manager read each questionnaire, highlight the most interesting portions, and then develop keywords based on that couple. They could then share a brief on the couple based on their Big 3 Things, the critical info, and their keywords. This alone is going to let your films be much deeper and your clients experience to be much stronger.