How do you avoid repeating pre-interview questions in the interview?

Pooja C. asked: The questions mentioned to identify the heart of your story & to understand their uniqueness, desire & complexity are very deep! How do you ensure that the questions don't seem stale, feel repeated or lose their impact during the actual filming, as the heart would have already heard the questions during pre-interview.

Yes, they are deep. And you never want to ask people to repeat things as that feels like a performance versus a conversation. A couple solutions for you.

First, you can have a teammate do the pre-interview or actual interview. swapping people makes it easy to naturally ask those questions. Secondly, and this is often what I do, is I start by acknowledging what I know and then I go deeper or look at it another way.

For example, say you asked them WHY they make bird-feeders (you wanted to understand their complexity) and they told you about a story when they were young, sitting on the back porch with their grandfather watching the birds come and go in the afternoon sun. Rather than simple saying "so tell me about why you make bird feeders?", which they know you already know, engage them and embrace what you know then build on it. "The story of you and your grandfather sitting on the back porch sounds so heartwarming, can you tell me more about who your grandfather was?"

And from here you can work into that they did together, sitting on the porch, and her 'why'. Just go deeper and acknowledge what you know.