How to develop the Core Question in relation to the Universal Conflicts?

Todd L. asked: I am still a little murky in my mind on the Core Question.  At this point in the MUSE process have we chosen one universal conflict for our story and you are suggesting we sketch out a few plausible journeys for for that universal conflict?  Or are we to develop a few journeys to each relevant universal conflict, hold each journey to the keywords, and make the best selection, and then continue to develop the hook and jab...

Todd, what you should find is that 1-3 conflict's stand out to you (along with their corresponding journey's). For example, with The Final Stitch, we the conflict of her wanting to get on the field was so clear, and then the journey to achieve that was definitely where we were headed. We just didn't hear anything else nearly as strong.

For Dave Jacka though, we really did hear conflicts about his own struggle, about him vs other people not wanting to take him on, or about him vs society. We played with options for those three, but in looking at our keywords, Man vs Self made the most sense. We then looked at whether that journey was 'could he fly' or 'how high could he go' , and other variations. It was the same conflict, and the same journey, but the difference was where it started and ended.

So from all of that I would suggest you see if you have one clear conflict and journey that is standing out to you, that is also relevant to your keywords. If there is, then awesome, build that our more and look at different tweaks that make it stronger. If there isn't, then try to build out a couple options until you get something that is strong and relevant.

This is likely the toughest part of building your story and takes time to get the hang of. So do feel good if it is taking a while to work through.