Does every Heart have to have an Answer? What if there is no Answer?

Benjamin asked: Hey! I was curious, when developing a story through MUSE does every Heart have to have an answer to their desire to complete the process? What if there is no answer or resolution to their story as of right now. What if they are in the process of getting to where they want to go with hurdles in their way.

We do still want to have some sort of resolution to the story, an emotional peak that helps the viewer feel impacted and leave feeling satisfied by the conclusion they were brought to—however, it doesn't have to be an Answer in the typical sense that we often think of.

Realize that stories exist on a continuum. When we see a wedding film, that couple's story existed before what we captured, and it will continue to live and exist after. The same applies to documentaries. In our documentary, Our Journey Home, you watched as we followed our Heart, Byron, and his journey to become a doctor. While we do show him graduating medical school, he will most likely continue to have Hurdles along his way to securing his dream job as a doctor after our film has ended.

Storytelling then is a rather small segment of that continuum. And while we didn't show you Byron actually as a doctor in the end, his graduation still serves as a resolution, as a point that he was brought to for overcoming his Conflict and Hurdles. There was still an emotional peak and a sense of resolution to his journey, and the audience may assume that if he was able to overcome the Hurdles he did up to this point, then he will continue to persevere and eventually reach that final goal.

So in your story, maybe this person may not know the "final" answer on what's going to happen in the end, but perhaps there's something they've learned, some conclusion or some resolution they have come to through this journey and where they are at now.