Do you develop the Hook and Jab in post or pre-production?

Jason D. asked: Looking back at a project I did right before going through MUSE, I saw that my structure actually fit the mold. However, it definitely was not planned this intentionally, I more or less stumbled on a Hook that felt right once I reviewed the interview footage and began the edit.

Do you always develop the Hook and Jab completely in preproduction, or does it sometimes materialize after the interview once you get in and start editing? 

For example, the Hooks you proposed for the BioBeats piece, were those thought out ahead of time or did they surface when it came time to edit?

Yes, we do try to develop these first. They are SO SO huge that to leave them until post just leaves too much of our story to chance. For Pulse, after we had heard David's story, we sat down and discussed nothing but the Hook and that was by far the strongest idea.

More than anything, just taking time to ask yourself how you're going to open this piece usually goes a long way in helping you have way stronger ideas and setting yourself up for success in post.