Any tips for getting your message across for a film that's 30 seconds or less?

Kent K. asked: It's hard to build a story into a 30 second commercial.  Do you approach in the same way as a longer one?

As the timing gets shorter and shorter it can be very tough to build a full story with proper structure. In these cases always look at your 4 P's and do your best to maximize all of those. Help us feel your character through their Big 3 Things, use Story First places, and try to create as much of a question as possible. Of course, having a Purpose always helps too.

An example of a story that's commercial in purpose and 30 seconds is Cheerios Third Shift.

In the end, there isn't a perfect story. So once we remove that from our mind, we can then just focus on making the best story possible. For some of us, just developing stronger characters will make a huge difference. For others it will be adding in structure. But whatever that is, and in whatever format you are delivering, MUSE is the basic elements of how story connects us, so use as many elements as you can to make your piece connect as much as it can