How do you find Conflict in a car commercial or TV ad for a Law Firm?

Curtis B. asked: I work for a company the produces car commercials and law firms. I was interested in how to find conflict when I'm to tell those type of stories.

Your challenge isn't the lack of conflict....c'mon, a law firm LIVES off conflict... your challenge is that you are likely looking at these as big monster organizations and not getting to know the desire behind it.

So the law firm, why do they need to exist? No, not in a general sense where we could simply say that people need legal protection. But specifically, what is this law firms USP - unique selling proposition?  What makes them different and what is their desire?

Perhaps the law firm wants to make it easier for people. Then the conflict is how complicated hiring a lawyer can be.

Perhaps the law firm wants to make it much more personal of a process. Then the conflict is a system that depersonalizes and makes you feel objectified. 

Perhaps the law firm wants to present those who are wronged by corporations. Then the conflict could be these big machines who have so much power and can be so hard to fight against.

Businesses exist to solve a problem for people. A problem is another word for conflict. The more specific you can get about what problem this car or law firm solves, the close you'll get to the conflict in your story.

Look up Tesla and Elon Musk. What does Elon desire, what does he want? And what is Tesla's conflict therefore?