What's the next step after coming up with potential plot points?

Angela A. asked:

What does Patrick mean when he states: "Structurally, there are 6 essential plot points that we're looking for in our story. So while we look for many potential plot points, we'll lean heavily around these 6 essential plot points when we begin to structure our story."?

I guess I am confused what the next step is after I come up with multiple potential plot points. Is the objective to narrow them down to a single--the strongest--plot point and base my story off that?

Thank you for breaking down abstract concepts into concrete principles. It's what I was looking for when I signed up for Muse. I'm really enjoying the course!

Hey Angela,

From here we need to first come up with our Core Question –The Ask, Acceptance, and Answer. This is the main driver of our whole story. It will come out of the Heart’s Desire, it will BE the conflict, and it will drive the journey. Each one of these 6 Essential Plot Points will be one of the potential plot points you found.

After you have the Core Question, then add the last 3 Essential Plot Points of the Hook, Hurdle, and Jab. In total you will be focusing your story on these 6 load bearing points. It’s very much inline with the Pareto principle where 80% of our results come from 20% of our content, and with story that 20% are these 6 moments.

We have a tutorial that brings this all together and helps you build your story at the very bottom of this course. We also have our own software coming out in spring 2016 that will make ALL of this drag and drop simple with feedback on how to get stronger story.