How do you ensure that Conflict gets represented or shown in a wedding film?

David Leys asked: If after you've discovered some conflicts for a wedding film what are some ways you can make sure that it gets represented or shown? For example, if you I knew the bride was nurvous to do her vows, but there was nothing that she was saying to anyone in front of your camera about it. She may only have some nurvous ticks like over preparing and maybe delaying the walk down the isle. This sort of happened actually, but I only captured her saying to me while I was filming her "I'm just putting makeup on, because I've got nerves". If you know the story or potential conflict ahead of ahead of time, is it mostly just about knowing them enough to be ready to capture ways you can show this story or conflict? This could seem inauthentic, but sometimes I've thought about having a friend of theirs or someone they know ask them a question relating to their conflict or story while I'm filming a scene like when the bride or groom is getting ready. Is there any ways to have more control than hoping the story will come out of the ceremony or speeches. I suppose an interview, but it's just not as good as good as showing the story. Do you ever consider messing with nature just enough to capture the story you knew was there?

When we understand—and are able to build out—the story before production, then knowing that Conflict will help you be proactive, rather than reactive, in capturing those Situations/Times/Environments/Objects that show it.

For example, if you knew ahead of time that the bride was nervous about her vows, and that was what you were going to highlight as her Conflict, then you could even ask her in your pre-interview/listening if she has any nervous ticks—do her hands shake? Does she think she'll be a person who has to practice over and over again to help her feel more comfortable? Does she plan on rehearsing with a friend?

Or, instead of asking her friends to stage a question, you could ask them—or the groom, or her mom—these questions about the bride as well. You could ask her friends/the groom if she has any nervous habits, or what they think she'll be doing right before the vows, how they think she'll react if she's nervous during the vows, if she's planning on rehearsing with her mom, etc.. And knowing this information will then empower you to be there, and be ready, to capture them.