What is the difference between the Jab and Purpose ?

Ahmed Salem asked: what is the difference between the Jab and Purpose?

The difference is that the Jab is an actual point in your Plot structure. It's the very last point, and it essentially helps the viewer to zoom out from the Answer of the Heart's, specific journey, in order to see the bigger picture, your Purpose, and its implications for the viewer in his or her own life. So your Jab helps your viewer to take away the Purpose of your story.

For example, in Soar, while the Answer that Dave is able to fly despite having only 6% of his body function, certainly satisfies the audience's question for this film, we want to go one step further to connect them to the greater "truth" that we wanted to reach, our greater Purpose. So we include a final Plot Point, the Jab, to zoom out from just Dave being able to fly, to express the greater idea that your mind and attitude are the most important things—you're only limited by what you think or believe. It's a final point in our plot structure to solidify our Purpose with our viewer. We help the audience make the connection that, through Dave's journey he was able to fly, and zooming out, in our own journeys, if we believe in ourselves, we can be capable of much more than we think too.

Another way that might help to think of it is from the most concrete level possible: that your Jab is the last scene of your film. Thus it makes sense functionally that we would want this very last scene, the very last thing we show or share with our audience, to express our Purpose and Early Impetus in a super succinct and powerful way.

Take a look back at A Final Stitch as well. The Answer to Aunt Jane's story is that she gets to go on the Super Bowl stadium field. While that answers the question in our story, we still want to zoom out, and make the very last point, the very last scene, of her story express our greater Purpose and why we shared this story in the first place. Our Jab communicates to our audience "while you don't know her life, you know her life's work," and the scene literally zooms out to show Aunt Jane as a small figure surrounded by a much bigger field. This final scene, our Jab, helps the audience make the connection that the small things we do that may go unnoticed, still matter and are part of something bigger than ourselves. So again, the Jab helps to bring our audience through to our Purpose in the end.