What are examples of the 6 Universal Conflicts?

Ahmed Salem asked: May you kindly give me some examples the 6 Universal Conflicts in Standwithme and the final stitch?

No problem, let's brainstorm some examples of what the 6 Universal Conflicts might look like between #standwithme and The Final Stitch:

In The Final Stitch we might imagine:

  • Man vs. Man could be if Aunt Jane was trying to get access to the Super Bowl field, but there was someone in charge who wouldn't allow her. So the Conflict would be Aunt Jane trying to convince this person to give her access to the Super Bowl field so that she could fulfill her dream.
  • Man vs. Nature could be if Aunt Jane was ready for her flight to get to the Super Bowl stadium, but because of bad weather conditions, her flight was canceled. So now she had to find another way to get to the field despite the weather.
  • Man vs. Machine could be if Aunt Jane only had 10 minutes that she could be on the field, and while she was driving to the stadium, perhaps the car broke down. The Conflict then would be that Aunt Jane needed to find a way to get the car to work again so that she could make it to the field in time.

In #standwithme we might imagine:

  • Man vs. Spiritual could be if, after being exposed to the photograph of the two boys with rocks on their backs and the reality that child slavery still exists, Vivienne started to question whether a God existed, and how a God could allow things like that to happen.
  • Man vs. Self could be if, after having this dream of freeing 100 kids from child slavery and starting her lemonade stand, Vivienne sees that she's not selling a lot of lemonade and starts doubting herself and lose confidence in her own abilities and dream. The Conflict then would be that Vivienne would need to overcome her own feelings of inadequacy in order to figure out a way to make her lemonade stand work.
  • Man vs. Society is the actual Conflict for #standwithme. Vivienne wants to free 100 kids from child slavery by selling lemonade. In order to do that, she's going to need to convince the community that this is a real issue and hers is a worthwhile cause to support.

The important takeaway here is that Conflict is a barrier between the Heart and her Desire. So when trying to brainstorm the 6 Universal Conflicts, start with the Heart's Desire. Aunt Jane dreams of getting on the Super Bowl field. Vivienne wants to free 100 kids from child slavery. Then ask yourself what could block them from reaching that Desire, looking at each of these 6 potential types of Conflict.

In the end, you'll want to choose only one Conflict to take your viewer on one journey.