Does one question lead to one Keyword? How do we narrow 7 questions to 5 Keywords?

Kakah asked: Hi, Kathryn, you have mentioned that we should ask ourselves these questions to develop our Purpose.

- Who are our characters?
- How do they inspire us?
- What defines them?
- What are their strengths?
- What makes them different?
- How do we want the audience to feel?
- What do we want the audience to do?

So does this means that one question will lead to one key word? but we have 7 questions and how should we narrow it down to 5?

Kathryn answered: Not necessarily. Just as you mentioned, we have 7 questions we ask, and we're trying to choose 5 Keywords. So that means that it won't always be a 1 question to 1 Keyword ratio.

Rather, try to think of these questions as a means to an end. These questions will help you reach your goal of brainstorming atleast 30 potential Keywords that convey who your characters are, and what you want your audience to take away from this story.

After you have all of those potential Keywords on the board, some words will naturally form clusters, meaning that they revolve around similar themes. For example, we can see how words like kinship/humanity/interconnected/community/global are all words that could form a single cluster—that have a similar theme. Or words like wonder/awe/curiosity/exploration/experience/encounter/epic are likewise words that may form a single cluster.

When trying to narrow down 30+ potential Keywords to your final 5, we then look at the "big" clusters—the clusters that really stand out to us and that often have a lot of words grouped within them.

After we've chosen one Keyword from that cluster, we want to avoid choosing any other words from the same cluster, as it's already been represented. Then, after we've chosen 3 or 4 Keywords, we start asking ourselves, what's missing? What clusters are absolutely essential to this story and have yet to be represented?