When do you choose Keywords? Before or after you choose a Heart?

Ahmed Salem asked: My question is do you define your character first and after that you know your purpose , because i was assume that you define your purpose first and after that you start looking for character can somehow can express about your purpose ?

Choosing your 5 Keywords to communicate your Purpose is the first decision you'll make after researching and listening to potential characters.

Since we have not yet chosen our Heart, the goal here then is to look at commonalities across all of your potential characters. Go back to all of your potential characters, and consider the questions we highlighted: who are these people, what inspires you about them, what defines them, what are their strengths. You'll also be considering how you want the audience to feel and what you want them to do.

So, as an example, for our documentary Our Journey Home, as we talked to hundreds of people who had been, or were, homeless, something that inspired us (not in a positive way, but in a way that stood out as relevant) was the consistent feeling of 'lost' that people had.

That ended up being one of our Keywords. But it wasn't just one person we looked at, it was themes and consistencies across them, which is therefore why we believe using it as a Keyword brings you closer to the "truth" of the larger story. Same with #standwithme and our Keyword "One." We kept seeing the power of one to do massive things across several of the Heart and Helpers, and so it became a Keyword.

You haven't reached this part of the course yet, but your intuition is correct: later we will be using the 5 Keywords to then help us choose our final Heart. For now though, the takeaway is that you ask yourself the questions we highlighted to help you identify commonalities or themes across your potential characters, and develop your 5 Keywords.