Should my client choose the Keywords?

Ahmed Salem asked: Is it sometimes who define the purpose the client himself and the artistic choices like choosing ( heart-places-videography...etc) is the responsibility of the filmmaker?

YOU are the storyteller. You are the one who has done the research, who understands the story, and who understands the people. And with a little help from Muse, you are also the one who understands the science of human connection, or how to leverage the 4 Pillars of Story to connect your viewer emotionally, take them on a journey, and keep them watching until the very end, where they can be moved by your Purpose.

Your perspective as the storyteller is absolutely vital here to guide your client, and you should feel empowered to claim your role as the expert in this story, choose the Keywords yourself, and then explain your choices and why to your client to ensure your visions align at that point.