How do you ensure the story helps viewers remember a brand name?

Ron asked: One thing that has always interested me about superbowl ads and commercials in general are how effective they are for the brand. I've always maintained that what makes a super bowl ad successful (i.e. lots of views, memorable, etc.) isn't always necessarily an "effective" ad for the brand. It's great if an ad gets lots of views and people talking about it. Not so much if you can't remember that brand it's for.

[In some of the commercial spots you post], the only thing I would say that some of the ads are weak on (as it relates to brand effectiveness) is how memorable is the brand. How easy will it be to remember that brand? What's your thoughts on that? How do you see "story" being used as a way to connect to a brand?

There is some really fascinating research by Paul Zak, the leading neuroscientist in story, who tested Super Bowl ads and measured peoples reactions. He's developed something called a ZEST score, or the Zack Engagement statistic, which looks at things like your cortisol and oxytocin levels as you watch a spot. What was super rad is that he looked at all the Super Bowl spots for a given year (i think it was 2014) and then got volunteers and got their ZEST score. His score, rather than a self-report of how much i like it, or whether they click play, has a good correlation with actual behavior. He's done other studies that looked at this ZEST score in relation to things like giving your email or donating money.

What's worth noting is that the ZEST scores of the people in his lab didn't line up with their self-report, as in their bodies were reacting more to certain spots where as they would self-report as liking a different one more.

All of that to say, if the metric of success is creating a favorable interaction with the brand and selling your product, there is definitely more to it then their ratings. Now the cool thing is that his measurement uses cortisol and oxytocin which are directly related to the conflict in the story, and the connection to the character.