Do you ask yourself or your client/couple the questions to uncover the Keywords?

James Blankenfeld asked: These questions that you posted at the bottom of the page, are these questions that we ask ourselves or the couple? Obviously some of them we can answer ourselves just from getting to know the couple and asking them about their relationship, their history, why they chose their significant other -- but questions like how do they want the audience to feel and what the couple wants the audience to do, is that something you ask them? Or something you can answer on their behalf so to speak just from getting to know them, their keywords and the big 3s?

These are the questions we ask in order to come up with their Keywords. We ask them to ourselves, since at this point we've done our research, conducted our pre-interviews, and like you mentioned, have gotten to know the couple and their Big 3 things.

So think of them as prompts for yourself. You ask yourself who is this couple? How do they inspire you? What makes them different? How do you want the audience to feel? etc. The answers to these questions are the words you brainstorm for your Keywords. You try to come up with at least 30. Then you choose the top 5 that will be your 5 Keywords, which represents your story's Purpose and will guide you moving forward in your creative decisions.