Must your Keywords align directly with the questions you posed?

Claire B. asked:You listed six questions you want to answer (WHAT ARE YOUR CHARACTERS’ STRENGTHS? WHAT MAKES THEM DIFFERENT? HOW ARE YOU INSPIRED? WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? WHAT DO YOU WANT YOUR AUDIENCE TO DO? HOW DO YOU WANT YOUR AUDIENCE TO FEEL?), but only five keywords, so I'm just trying to gain clarity on how much those keywords align specifically with answering the questions. Thanks!

Well, at the end of the day, what matters most is that your keywords reflect what it is you want your story to say. There are certainly applications or stories where some of the questions may be less fitting. Perhaps you're doing a passion project for yourself, in which case asking about the audience to feel and do isn't as relevant.

In most cases though, do consider the bigger questions of 'How do you want the audience to feel?' and 'What do you want the audience to do?'. This is often where we are misaligned with clients in that we don't properly understand their goals and what they want their piece to do. 

Keep in mind the majority of clients will put the most weight on the results over the story you told. A story that was different than expected yet delivers incredible results will be chosen by most clients over the story that fits their vision and delivers little results. 

So, I would urge you to strongly consider your keywords for those two, but feel free to adapt the others based on what the story is, who it's for, and what you want it to say.