What if a client doesn't like or agree with your Keywords?

Tommy D. asked: I like getting buy in from the client/heart by presenting the keywords to them.  But what if they can't relate to them or don't see themselves (or the story) in that light?  Is is a sales job from there? Or do you go back to the "white" board?

First off, you need to decide if you want to be deceptive or not.

If you've truly listened to multiple perspective and followed the process, then the keywords represent everything you know to be true about the story and what you want to accomplish. But say you're doing a corporate film and the you spend a couple days talking to all the employees. They love the place, but they say they wish they had more of a voice, they wish their opinions were heard. You go back to the client and you present you keywords. Now, they come back to you and suggest 'flat' as a keyword, as-in a flat organizational structure. Of course, you're challenged because this ISN'T what you heard, but it IS how the company wants you to portray them. 

So your choice here is to bail on the story, fight for your keywords, or create a dishonest story. One that moves people and sells them on a dream that doesn't exist. We fight for the keywords first and foremost. Whether you stay on board after that depends on your own sensibility and how the keyword changes will impact the audience. As you can imagine, some we would all have less of an ethical problem tweaking versus others.