How do you present Keywords to a client?

Matt D. asked: The client is not familiar with muse, story telling, or film making (thats why they hired you).  How do you tell them these are the keywords for the story without them becoming confused as to why you came up with keywords or how do they actually give direction to the story?

Is there a documents, summary, or breakdown with a little more information.  Do  you have an explanation about each keyword, its purpose, and why you chose it?  Or do you leave that out?

Keywords are such a huge part of the process and should generally be presented with a meeting, conference call or something in addition to the words itself. We would often get the client on a skype or conference call and explain what each keywords means in greater detail and how it relates to the story. They would also be presented a document with each of the five keywords and a short descriptor (1 paragraph or so) with what each means so it's crystal clear to everyone what the story is about and what we are trying to say. 

This not only aids in communicating with the team (both internal and external) but also crucial in keeping things on track should your client come back to you down the line with a request (either in production or in post) that isn't in alignment with what was previous agreed upon by all parties.

Also, if you set the expectation right from the get go that part of your process includes keywording, they'll be expecting this meeting and a thorough explanation from you. It's a great way to make them feel prepared AND show them how proactive a storyteller you are.