Why isn't Purpose the first step of storytelling?

Ade asked: Doesn't purpose is our first step in story telling? I think it has to be. because that is why us as a filmmaker making film's. Maybe the example is like MUSE. Why did you creating MUSE? that's the PURPOSE right? after that you find people's that fit to your PURPOSE which is Stillmotion who has experienced in story telling.

Hi Ade,

I think you're confusing Purpose here with your Early Impetus. You are right in thinking that we start with an Early Impetus, which is the original idea that inspired us to tell this story in the first place. However, as you have seen through this step and through the development of your 5 Keywords, your Purpose is much more developed and intentional than just your Early Impetus.

We lead with People because that's who viewers connect with most. If we have a story that is Purpose-led, we end up with the commercial that is simply trying to sell us something, and it turns most of us away. But when we use People to guide the viewers to our Purpose in the end, we end up with a story that we care about, and are then moved to action. When we lead with People, we guide the heart to move the mind.

We will be using our Keywords later on to help choose between our potential Hearts, but this is still coming in the course and will make much more sense when you get there.

And as for how we set up the course, we did start in that first step with the story of Muse, but that's the story of people. We introduced you right away to Patrick and Amina, and connected you to their story of how Muse came to be. We then will be guiding you on a journey through Muse, to eventually connect you to our Purpose at the end of the course: for you to become a remarkable Storyteller.