Should I steer the interviewees to say Keywords?

Carl Eneroth asked: Should I steer the interviewees to say the key words and then illustrate them or have the potential hearts, define what the key words are and then take it from there? I donĀ“t think the potential heart will have a problem with the selection of key words. 

Part of the reason we spend so much time listening and researching is so that you understand the story, and your people, before you actually make any decisions. (Let the story move you, before you move the story!)

So if you've done your part to understand your Heart and her story, then you won't need to ask them to say Keywords. In the interview, you'll just be asking questions related to their story, and the story will speak for itself then in conveying your Purpose to the audience. That's also why we use our Keywords to help us choose a final Heart that aligns with our Purpose.