How do Keywords relate to our Heart?

Carl Eneroth asked: How do the Keywords relate to our Heart? Should the heart cover all key words or can you divide them up so the heart takes the main one and helpers the others?

So let's start at the foundation: Purpose is what we want to leave our audience with. It gives meaning to our viewer. It's what we want to convey or transmit to them.

We ask ourselves these questions to develop our Purpose:
- Who are our characters?
- How do they inspire us?
- What defines them?
- What are their strengths?
- What makes them different?
- How do we want the audience to feel?
- What do we want the audience to do?

Notice that these questions aren't only how we want the audience to feel, or what we want the audience to do. They include questions about our characters. And that's because, as we lead with people in our story, we want to be sure to include our people in our greater "truth", in the meaning they take away and that's relevant to our viewer.

Also notice that that we refer to characters—with an s. If you've been designated a Heart at the onset, then you can ask these questions specifically about your Heart. Otherwise, we are considering ALL of our potential Hearts still. We have not yet chosen a Heart. Knowing our Keywords will help us choose a Heart later in the process. But we are looking for themes—consistencies—commonalities between our top potential Hearts.