How do you tell the remaining candidates/potential Hearts that they weren't chosen?

Augustian H. asked: I have a question that you can perhaps answer from your experiences on choosing a character with strong "heart". After going through the interview and decide on one best person to be the main focus of the documentary, how would you deliver the news to other candidates?

Especially in your homeless documentary examples, where we can't just say "We decide to go with this person because...". Any inputs on how to approach this kind of situation?

It really starts before you even talk to them for the first time. We try to set the expectations that we are trying to learn more about the issue more so than finding the perfect person. In our homeless doc we did say we were looking for some people to be in it, but we didn't talk about the Heart and wanting to find that person. 

Now we collected info from hundreds of people and left it at a 'we'll follow up if we need to know more' so that certainly makes it easier. But even for those we filmed or spent more time with, we really only talked about the main character with the main character. A couple people had their story totally fall apart and not fit what we are doing, and those ones we were upfront with and just said we appreciated their time, it helped us shape our understanding, and while their story was incredible, it wasn't within the scope of this piece.

The biggest thing is not to overcommit and get too excited early on so that you need to turn around and back off that statement.