Why not use both Helpers and Experts to fill gaps? Why choose a Helper over an Expert?

Samo Z. asked: I don't understand why both helpers and experts aren't used to fill gaps."Experts can help when we need to inform our audience and provide more technical context." If the audience is missing information and needs more technical context, isn't that a gap? What do you mean by gap if not a missing part of the story as a whole? Sure a helper fills gaps by connecting weak plot points, but I think that surely and expert is filling a different kind of gap by providing knowledge that the Heart just doesn't have on the subject.


Absolutely correct, you can use an Expert to fill a gap. Why go for a Helper over an Expert? Well, because a story is about a personal experience, a retelling, and within Muse we use that story as a bridge to bring people to our Purpose. A Helper has more depth as a character and is 'in' the story, so they'll go much further in connecting the audience. An Expert with strong passion can add a ton, but it does go more towards 'facts' or 'commercial' and away from 'story'.

The reality is we are far less moved by facts or knowledge as compared to story, so that's why we suggest leading that way. That said, many instances call for an Expert to provide the information needed to connect the viewer to your Purpose or to bring your keywords to life.

Don't worry, we love Experts too. They'll always have a special place with our Heart (apologies for the punny Muse humor.)