What does (zoom in zoom out) mean on the worksheet question, next to "what do you want"?

Luke asked: What does (zoom in zoom out) mean on the worksheet question, next to "what do you want"?

It will probably be most helpful to use an example here. In another episode of our personal web-series I was just chatting with you about, The Remarkable Ones, we were filming an episode on Van, a woman who was hosting the first fashion show in Vietnam where all the models would be women with disabilities. Van, herself, also had physical disabilities and had faced discrimination and bullying because of it.

Zooming in, we asked her, specifically, what was the moment she was looking forward to most during that particular show. For example, the moment at the very end where all the models are on stage together, the moment where a particular girl walked down the runway, the moment where the girls first saw themselves in the mirror after putting on a beautiful dress and with their hair and makeup done, etc.

Zooming out, we asked her, from a more general or greater perspective, what message she wanted to leave viewers with back in America when they see her story and learn from her experiences.

So zooming in means asking what someone wants or is excited about in a specific/particular context. Zooming out then is more general and overarching. And realize here that it is often easier for someone to answer a question zooming in (what do you want to accomplish this year), versus zooming out (what do you want to accomplish over the course of your life?)