In Wedding films, can the Heart be someone other than the bride or groom?

Simon Green asked: In the video, it was mentioned that during a wedding project, a half to full day could be spent looking for the Heart. I'm just curious - are there wedding videos where the heart is not bride and/or groom? Would you be willing to give an example from Stillmotion of something like this? Although I'm not currently interested in Wedding videos, I am interested on using what would appear to be an unconventional Heart in such a video. 

While it's rare that we find a stronger, more story-relevant character to use as the Heart outside of the bride and groom when it comes to wedding films, it is still possible and something worth being open to consider.

For example, years ago we were covering a wedding in Vancouver, Canada, and we made the bride the Heart of the story. While she did have a ton of Desire, it was only after we went into the wedding day that we learned of Uncle Derek.

Uncle Derek had brain cancer and was given three months to live–when the wedding was six months out. But he was determined that he was going to see his nephew get married, and that he was going to live to make it to the wedding day.

And he did. He made it to the wedding and had a wonderful time. Two weeks after the wedding, he passed away.

In this case, the bride had been the more obvious choice. And while she was a super relevant choice, Uncle Derek had unbelievable Complexity, Uniqueness, and Desire. And his relationship was really meaningful and special to the bride and groom. He would have offered a completely unique perspective for this story, and one with natural conflict and so much purpose.

So again, it is possible to have a Heart besides the bride and groom. We want to avoid jumping to conclusions and making assumptions while we're researching and listening to the story so that we can consider all of our options and choose the strongest Heart, not just the most obvious one.