What are some questions to uncover the 4 Layers of Place?

Manuel G. asked: What are some good examples of the types of Questions I could ask that would situate my heart within the 4 layers of place?

Where do you feel most alive?

When you do that thing you love (their Desire) where do you do it most? So if it was a songwriter, asking them where they write their lyrics and where they feel the most creative.

Then I would take their Big 3 Things and actually insert them into the question. So if their Complexity was that they opened the coffee shop because they grew up with the love and support of community we could ask what things exist that show that community where they grew up. Do you have photos? Videos? If we went back there, would you feel it now?

More than asking, I would look and listen here. Chris Darwin, the great-great-grandson of Charles is a great example. We really took the time to look around his space while listening for things that would show who he is as a character. And we found HEAPS of stuff related to Charles—pictures, books, genetic tests, evolution diagrams...it was unreal once we really started focusing and looking.