How do Situations differ from plot points?

Marc C. asked: I am really struggling with the concept of situation being a layer of place. To me - in all the examples given - the situations are also plot points. Maybe this is confusing me. Maybe you could give me a question to ask the heart to help identify these Situations?

Think of Place as how we show whatever it is we want to communicate. The Big 3 Things of our purpose, the potential plot points, our purpose, etc. When we have something we want to express, we try to use Place to show it, to create authenticity, versus just telling the audience.

A potential plot point is the tell side. It is what you are trying to say. Place, and a situation as one layer of place, helps you express or show that potential plot point.

Here's how I think about it—and excuse my science geek angle—borrowing the ideas of genotype and phenotype from genetics. Genotype is the genetic sequence where as the phenotype is the physical representation. It's the genetic sequence versus the blond hair we might actually see.

What we're trying to say is the 'tell', it's the Purpose, or the plot point, or communicating our character. It's the point of the scene or moment. Where as how we 'show' that, it's expression, is how we that use Place to bring you there.

A situation is how we can express something we want to convey, where as the plot point is what it is we want to express in that moment.