Is there an overlap in Situation and time? Is there an overlap in the 4 Layers of Place?

David L. asked: Is there often overlap in the two places Situation and Time? A good example "Being a new mom at age 14"(Situation) and "When her daughter was born"(Time). "Giving a bicycle to a homeless youth"(Situation) and "When she first gave a bicycle to a homeless youth"(Time). Apart from the changing of seasons, days passing or things growing older its hard to differentiate when an event happens to be a Situation vs a Time "Place".

When we speak about Time, we're really talking about time in a more concrete way. So the mother having a child would be a Situation, and Time might be 10:00am, how long she was in labor, or perhaps in the springtime. Likewise a woman first giving a bicycle to a homeless youth would be a Situation. and Time here might be early morning, around Christmas time, or maybe how long it took her to save up to buy that bike to donate.

However, with that distinction in mind, I think your question is also tapping into another concept we can explore a bit more here.

The 4 Layers of Place really exist simultaneously at any given moment. So if we look at your example "being a new mom at age 14" we could dissect this scene by it being a Situation, there could be the exact Time when her new daughter was born, Objects might include the hospital bed, the baby's first outfit, or gifts the mother has received like balloons, flowers, cards, etc, and an Environment would be the hospital room.

We could do the same for the Situation "giving a bicycle to a homeless youth." Time might be early morning, or around Christmas time, the bicycle would be an Object, and perhaps the homeless shelter would be the Environment. Or even if we applied the 4 Layers of Place to me at this very moment. My Situation would be chatting with you about this discussion question, my Environment would be the Muse studio, some Objects might be my laptop, headphones, and a cup of coffee, and Time would be early morning, before 9am.

So, with this in mind, what becomes important is not IF the 4 Layers of Place are present, but it's a matter of which Places are most relevant to the story.

For example, if we're looking at my 4 Layers of Place, we would consider which are most relevant to my story as well as strongest in my Big 3 Things. Focusing on the Situation of me typing to you inside the course, as well as Time in the early morning—before the "normal" time to come into work at 9am—would really highlight my Desire to connect and empower others through storytelling. You can see how the early morning especially emphasizes that passion, that I'm coming into work super early just because I want to be here and I love and really believe in what we do. Compare that to say—my cup of coffee—and you can see the difference that one is way more relevant to the story.