Can you really consider Places without having visited those places?

Patrick T. asked: It seems like it would be hard to decide what places the heart beats if you haven't seen those places or, for that matter, seen your subject IN those places. 

Amina answered: Well, yes and no. Sure, physically being in a place can give you more context, but simply listening for ways your heart relates to the various layers of place can tell you whole lot. Remember, we're not "deciding" what places the heart beats. We're exploring where the heart may beat, and how the various layers fit together. Nothing hard and fast. Doing as much listening at the beginning may also save you time and budget in preventing unnecessary scouting trips. This is a big factor when your story is across the country or across the world.

As an example, for our documentary, #standwithme, we needed to decide whether a trip to Ghana was going to happen. We determined that it related VERY strongly to our heart's complexity AND desire, and that's what kept it in the running as an option. But we didn't DECIDE until we had our keywords. Once our keywords were established and we found that Ghana fit a good majority of them, it was time to make the trip. And no, going there just for location scouting was absolutely not in the budget. It was one trip or nothing.