How do Situations give specific context to the viewer?

Rohan N. asked: How does the Situation Layer give specific context to the viewer?I am not to clear on this one. Please could you give me an example to make this stand out?

So Situations really give us more context, or circumstances that surround a certain event/scenario. For example, think back to Soar and the opening scene that shows the Situation of Dave Jacka getting into bed.

When we get to see Dave in this Situation—slowly wheeling around the doorway and trying to shut the door so he can pass by, preparing to get into bed by putting on his hand braces, lugging his legs up onto the mattress, the strain of lifting himself off the chair and over to the bed, we see the circumstances of this task.

We see that getting into bed is very difficult for Dave, that there's a lot that goes into a task that most of us don't think twice about, and that takes many of us a few seconds to complete. This situation gives us a lot of context into what everyday life is like for Dave, and the challenges he faces in even routine tasks.