How do you get organic smiles?

Matt D. asked: Not sure if this is off topic, but on the Old Skool video you have people standing in front of the camera and smile and laugh.  they did not look awkward, it looked like they were happy and having fun.  Just wondering how you achieved that with them?

Amina answered: We asked them to smile. Yeah, right... You well know that if you ask someone to smile, they'll give you an awkwardly forced face that combines a look of contortion and constipation.  ;)

It started with the relationship. We became buddies with these people throughout the filming process. We got to know them and they got to know us, pretty deeply. We talked about some difficult topics but we also laughed together.

When it came to the "smile scene" we were simply joking around together. We asked some people to give us their "tough guy" pose, or we just made fun of each other. We also made sure to have their friends with us, so they could egg them on. 

We made it about having a good time together, not about getting a shot.