Do you let the bride or groom choose the wedding film music?

George S. asked: Music is one of the most exasperating elements for me. For a wedding, I usually let the couple choose, but sometimes their choices are hideous and don't fit the story.

Have you ever showed up to a wedding and asked the bride what lens she wanted to shoot with?

In our early days we used to let the couple send us a song list, until we made this very important connection. Just like we wouldn't leave something as big as the lens choice to the couple, music is likewise an essential tool in telling their story. And, ideally, as storytellers, it is our responsibility to utilize that tool to its fullest potential and be intentional in our choice.

For the past 5 years we've chosen the music ourselves. And when I just asked Patrick about it now, he's says he can't recall a single instance when a couple has asked that a song be changed, or that there was even any conversation around that aspect.

As for how we actually make that decision, we start by getting to know our couples really well, and choosing our 5 Keywords for their story from there (I know this advice is a bit early on, as Keywords will be introduced to you in Step 4, but keep this in mind once you get there).

Our 5 Keywords really are a filter that should guide all of our creative decisions, and the same applies to music. This helps us to choose a song that is relevant to the couple and their story.

If you're wondering where we get our music, we use Marmoset. We have a great relationship with them, so we typically send them the Keywords for the film and they send us 5-10 tracks that are relevant to that story, but that's just us. They still have a really cool search engine that allows you to type in how you want your story to feel (HINT: Keywords!), and it picks out music that conveys that.