Any tips on getting access to restricted locations?

Matt D. asked: Any tips on gaining access to a location that is either owned privately or is public but you need it closed off. I assume for the most part if it is important to the heart of the story then they themselves probably have access to these locations.  But just wondering how you get around those few times when their are access restrictions to important places.  

Amina answered: 

It's about two things: Not being shy, and having a great story!

3 days ago, we needed a certain type of front porch for a scene we're shooting this coming week. So we went to the neighborhood and started knocking on doors of the houses with the best porches. But when we explained our WHY, we made sure to do it in the most compelling way possible. Storytelling got us the perfect location for our scene.

Maybe that's an easier example, but it works in other contexts too. Use the connections you have to create warm introductions in the tougher situations where security might be an issue. And get creative. If you need to shoot at an airport but can't get access to a large one, find a small one in the area! There's always a workaround!