Why the stadium for the "reveal" scene in The Final Stitch?

Abel asked: Ok, I know. This is a "Places" question but I was wondering what led you to choose this spot for the Wilson executive to reveal the surprise to her employee ? next to the stadium, but not that close, but not that far so that we can really figure out the entire stadium... It seems to me a bit in-between. Since this is a pivotal scene in the film (you have to get the reaction of that woman, and it's a one shot), I imagine you gave a lot of thought on where it would take place to get the best result. Personnaly, I would have feared that doing this close to the stadium would have given away the surprise resulting in a light reaction from your character (sorry I don't recall her name). Unless she was tricked into a fake mission (like a work meeting or something...)

No worries Abel, and it's great that you're thinking about the meaning behind these kind of decisions.

Aunt Jane had been in the stands of the Super Bowl stadium many times beforeā€”so realize that her Desire wasn't just to be in the stadium, but to actually go out on the field. Otherwise you're right, we wouldn't want to give away her Answer.

And there was still a lot of intention to make sure that we weren't giving away that answer. Also realize that we weren't the first person to learn about Aunt Jane and want to tell her story. Several other news outlets had picked up on who she was and how she had made every football, so it was normal for Aunt Jane to be doing interviews, this wasn't something that was out of the ordinary.

Which brings us to the location that we chose to reveal her surprise.

We wanted to choose a location where we could still see the stadium in the background, since it was relevant to her story and to her Desire, but we also wanted to choose a location with good, natural lighting. This way, we wouldn't accidentally tip her off that something big was going to happen if we set up extra lights ourselves, but we could pretend that she was just doing another interview, like any other time she had done interviews before. This way, she had no idea that her dream was about to be actualized, and we could still capture her reaction in good lighting, and in a Story First location.