How do you feel about interior vs. exterior interviews?

Jeff D. asked: Hi all, I'm learning a lot here, so here's something I would like to get your insight on. I love making place part of the story, so I am always looking to do interviews with my subjects outside, with an interesting background to get away from that standard PBS interview look. But then I'm dealing with background noise, changing lighting conditions, and distractions for my subject. I see that tip #2 is about connecting in a space where they can feel safe and valued. What are your thoughts on interior vs. exterior interviews?

I think you're making the same mistake that you are trying to avoid.

You suggested that PBS has a standard look, and to avoid that you then have you're own look, which is now becoming just as 'standard'. I'd try to think about how place is relevant to each story and character, as opposed to always approach it one way or another. You're example is why we see in wedding films the same sets of shots, regardless of the couple or story.

Let's try not to be different just to be different, but let's look to go deeper and have that drive more intentional choices.

So—we do sometimes go outside or inside, but when outside we certainly always look to have a place where they are comfortable. We use our Keywords, which we'll define in Purpose, to decide which location is more relevant and we'll choose inside over outside with all variables being the same, because we have more control and it feels safer.