How can we make audience understands all of the background story of our Places?

Ivan Rachmat asked: I just knew the relevancy of some shots in Dan and Veronica's wedding film after I read the background story. How can we make audience understand the background story and understand?

You're right, we don't tell all of the details and all of the back story of our Places. For example, in Veronica and Dan's wedding film, we don't share the story that Dan and his buddies used to walk out with their rented bowling shoes. And we don't share the details behind the Winnebago, that they decided to skip out on a trip they didn't care about, and buy the Winnebago to tour the country in instead.

That's because, Places are about showing rather than telling. They're about letting a viewer come to conclusions and make connections on his or her own accord. If we were to spell out everything you should think about these symbols, and told you how you should feel about them, they wouldn't be as intriguing, and there wouldn't be a sense of ownership in your feelings and thoughts about them.

So there needs to be a middle ground when it comes to context. We certainly want to ensure that our audience doesn't become lost along our story, but we also want to leave room and opportunity for the viewer to think and feel for him/herself.

For example, had we shot the Winnebago as an Object simply parked in a driveway, completely out of the context and Situation of Dan preparing it and hanging the wedding banner on it, or Dan picking up Veronica (donning wedding attire), then you may miss that this is part of their wedding, that this is a symbol in their relationship.

But, while you may not know the entire history of the Winnebago, when you see that it's being incorporated in Dan and Veronica's wedding, you can come to the conclusion that this is something important to them. From your own experiences watching wedding films, or going to your own friends' weddings, you probably recognize the Winnebago as very unusual for a wedding, as something that speaks to the uniqueness as a couple. You may assume that they are people with a lot of quirks and personality. And you may assert your own conclusions when you see Dan pick up Veronica, and that moment they're alone together in a wide open field, that it represents a spirit of adventure.