Martin Beebee asked:  I'm assuming that for a real project, we'd want to come up with as many "places" as possible for each of the Big 3 to maximize the opportunities/ideas for shot selection?

Absolutely Martin, try to brainstorm as many Places as possible to consider before you choose which Places you'll actually use later in the process.

And use the 4 Layers of Place and Big 3 Things to ask yourself specific questions, and help prompt your thinking. You may not be able to come up with a response for EVERY question, but take the time to go through the each, and ask yourself anyway.

For example, you could imagine that asking yourself: "What are some Places that show who this person is?" may not be as effective at prompting responses as would the question: "What is a Time that shows this person's Desire?" Or "What is a Situation that demonstrates this person's Complexity?"