Erik Hill asked: Is it ideal to have each of the heart's big three things tie into the four layers? I'm assuming you want to brainstorm to have as much to work with as possible but are we coming up with ideal scenarios for each just like we did in the people module when we brainstormed what a perfect heart might look like?
Perhaps it will help to think of it this way. Remember how, in the People Pillar, we talk about considering multiple potential Hearts, and not just choosing the obvious one off the bat?
Well, as we get to know those potential people, we're also listening to their stories and being aware of opportunities to show their Big 3 Things through the 4 Layers of Place. We're considering all of our options, and trying to think past just the obvious or expected.
By exploring all of our possibilities, we'll then be empowered to make informed, Story First decisions a bit later on.