I have a really busy schedule. Any tips for how to make the most of my time and finish the course?

According to a recent study, only about 20% of folks complete open online courses. Life gets in the way, we put it off until another day, and soon the excitement and promise of learning something new fades away.

While I'm sure you don't have extra time to spare, we have equipped Muse with some helpful tools to support you on your journey to complete the whole process. I can expand on some additional tips, and how to make the most of those tools, here:

1. First, break the course down into smaller, more tangible goals or milestones. Look at your calendar, and actually set dates for when you aim to complete each milestone. 

This will make the larger and more ambiguous goal of learning Muse much more manageable and actionable. So let's take the whole Muse process and break it down into 6 core modules:
      1. An introduction to Muse and the power of listening
      2. People. Creating emotional connection in your films
      3.  Purpose. Developing a deeper meaning within your story
      4.  Plot. Craft engagement from the first to last frame
      5.  Places. Offering authenticity within your films
      6. An outro and applications of the process
We recommend learning these 6 modules over the course of 8 weeks. That's one week per module, two weeks for the huge Plot module, and one week to spare in case anything comes up. That is only about 60-90 minutes per week, with one extra week just in case. 
2. After you have your dates and weekly milestones set, use time-blocking to actually set aside that time each week, and calendar notifications to help keep you accountable. 
60-90 minutes per week is not an unrealistic goal to meet. Plan ahead and schedule that time in advance. If possible, schedule your "Muse time" on the same days, and same times, each week to help make it into a habit. While I know you don't have extra time lying around, I bet there are things that you could cut to make room for what's important to you.
3. Use a tool like Stayfocusd to help you make the most of your Muse time-blocks.
It works with Chrome and when you turn it on, it shuts down your ability to browse for a specified amount of time. And you can't undo it. So you can add muse.learnstory.org to the list of accepted sites, set the timer for a specified amount, and you'll get so much more work done.
4. Use the downloadable audio, transcript, and recap files to multitask and to learn Muse on the go. If you have the toolkit, likewise bring The Muse Storytelling Process book along with you.
With downloadable audio files of the tutorial videos, you can actually learn and review Muse by listening as you do household chores, make dinner, and get ready to go to work. You can take the recaps, transcripts, audio files, and book with you on your daily commute, if you know you'll be waiting at a dentist appointment, to read on the plane, etc. There are a myriad of situations that it will be helpful to have a physical copy on hand to learn and reveal parts of the course as the opportunities arise. 
5. Realize that investing time in Muse now will save you MUCH more time in the long-run. 
I know it's difficult because you don't have the extra time right now, but Muse is built with team and work efficiency in mind. It will actually help you solve the very problem that's preventing you from being able to set aside the time to learn in the first place.
After you start implementing Muse on your projects and with your team, you'll be able to communicate more effectively. You'll have a clear process to help you through pre-production, and that clarity and vision will guide you to know exactly what you need to shoot in production.
This means, you'll be capturing what you need to cover the story, rather than getting so much extra "just in case" footage. Less time in production and less footage also means less time in post-production. You'll have less to sort through and edit, and the pre-production process will give you a framework and structure to moving forward with more direction in your edit as well.