How do I unlock another version or genre of Muse?

Everything we’ve built here only works when people learn it, so we are structuring things to encourage and reward people throughout the learning process:

After you complete your current version/genre of Muse, you can email [email protected] and he will unlock the next version/genre of your choice for free.

So, say you joined Muse with Documentary, after you were 100% complete with Documentary, you could email him then and say you'd like to take Commercial next. At that point he'd unlock it for you to take Commercial for free. If you wanted to take a third version/genre, then the same process applies. 

There are three versions of Muse: The Complete Muse Process (Documentary) Applications for Weddings and Applications for Commercial Work.

Separate skill-building classes, like The Business Side of Story and How to Conduct Remarkable Interviews, are not included in the Complete Muse Process but will be included in the Whole Muse Library.