Does Muse still work with time and budget restraints?

Gijs de Groote asked: I got one questions for now concerning budget. We are a company of two people working on all kinds of projects since almost 7 years. Mostly online corporate video. Stories of 1 to 2 minutes. Most of the commercial work we do has an estimated budget of 3.000 euro (I am from Holland. Maybe life in US is more expensive.. But lets say its under $ 5k) . Most often the timespan a company wants the job done is 3 to 5 weeks. I wonder is this method do-able for this kind of work and budget. I see you guys name small projects 50k or less! And you have several months to work on a project. The Muse method takes time. To dig deeper. What do you think? Is your method making any sense for this kind of budgets? Or do we as a company need to change our focus. Attract different clients or convince our clients to dig deeper and spend more time and money to make a better story.

In short, yes Muse does still apply regardless of time or budget constraints. 

When you see films like The Elephant Whisperer, and Soar, these are actually passion projects in which we didn't have a huge commercial budget, and we wanted to minimize how much time we spent on them. So The Elephant Whisperer was created from nothing (so complete story building and production) over the course of 2-3 days by Patrick and Joyce. And Soar was about a week of going back and forth in listening and story development, then 1 day to shoot by Patrick with only a few volunteers.

It's not about having a lot of time then, it's about using the time you have intentionally and to go deep.

That's why, when we have a process, when we develop our perspective and know what to look for (such as the Big 3 Things, Places that reflect the story's authenticity, and creative decisions that reflect our 5 Keywords), when we have these focus points on our mind, we start to see those things more quickly.

And to go one step further, when you have an irreplaceable perspective, and your client can see and value that, then you can likewise raise your rates.