How do you choose the right music in your wedding films?

Jamar asked: I love the sound design you put into your videos. I love the surgical use of Foley. My challenge is choosing the right music. How long does it take your team to choose a soundtrack?

Hey Jamar, thanks for the encouragement here, it's so important to be intentional in sound design as well.

Though we want to try and get as much natural sound as possible in production, if we can't or don't get that perfect sound effect on location, we typically use

And as for choosing the right music—the most time-consuming part is actually just getting to know the couple really well, and then being able to decide on their 5 Keywords.

From there, we typically source our music from Marmoset. They have a really cool search engine that allows you to type in how you want your story to feel (HINT: Keywords!), and it gives you a great selection from there to choose from conveying that. :)