Aziz Allaf asked: I'm taking the Muse process so I can incorporate it in my filmmaking/storytelling workflow. My question is Muse for documentary style commercials only or it can be used for narrative films commercials as well? Because usually in narrative films the story/script is written first and people/talents are cast later, but here you guys start with people. I'm a little confused!

Great question Aziz.

The concepts still apply if you wanted to create a narrative, and the process would be used then in writing your story/script. (Though once you reach the Purpose section, I would also recommend using your 5 Keywords to help you decide who to cast as talent.)

So first, you'd start with your Early Impetus, the initial idea you want your narrative to explore—what do we know so far? From there, you could then build out 3 potential Hearts, as optional characters, all with the Big 3 Things. Your process is easier in many ways as you can make anything happen, whereas a documentary filmmaker has to figure out how to film all the ideas they come up with, and often those are in the future or in the past, and in ways we can't cover how we might like.

Use the Big 3 Things to help you get to know these characters you're imagining and understand them better. For example, instead of asking a real customer or employee or CEO of a company what they really Desire over the next year, ask yourself, as you brainstorm the character in your script, to imagine what this person might really Desire over the next year.