What is the Early Impetus in a Commercial setting?

Blake asked: I am trying to apply this as if I were the creator of "The Force" Volkswagon commercial, but am having a little difficulty. Maybe I'm not thoroughly getting it? What would have been my early impetus and questions I was asking in order to come to the conclusion that this was the perfect Heart for this brand?

Hey Blake, the Early Impetus is simply the original idea or inspiration to start your story in the first place. In a Commercial setting, it's often the client's desire to sell more widgets, increase brand awareness, etc.

So in the case of The Force, an Early Impetus may have been something as simple as the original motivation to create a commercial that would connect people to Volkswagen's brand. Or it could just be the original motivation to create a commercial that would help increase sales.

This one is a little different because it's a narrative commercial. These aren't real people, but fictional characters.

In the case of a narrative piece then, you'd start with your Early Impetus, and then start brainstorming potential characters, thinking about their Big 3 Things, from there. You'd try to brainstorm at least 3 potential characters and ask yourself those questions to imagine their Big 3 Things.