Can Muse apply to novels or short stories too?

Aycee B asked: Can Muse work for Novels and Short Stories? I know this might sound silly but can I apply the MUSE concept to a written story? Like a novel or short story?

Great question Aycee, and you absolutely can.

The first half of Muse is focused on listening. Still start with your Early Impetus, your original inspiration for writing the story, but instead of researching and asking those interview questions to real people, you'll be asking them to yourself, searching your imagination, about your potential Hearts (assuming this is fiction.) Use the Muse process to fill out their stories: imagine their Big 3 Things and what their Conflicts might be — and it's still just as important to identify your Purpose and generate your 5 Keywords. (I know you haven't made it to all of these steps yet, but it will make much more sense as you move forward).

Just like you would a film, try not to assume and automatically go with the obvious choice; make sure to keep your mind open and really take the time to think and imagine multiple potential Hearts/Places/Plots. We're still listening here. By taking this extra time, and working through the Muse steps, once you start constructing your story it will be a much deeper, more intentional story, where all the different parts complement each other and work together toward a clear Purpose.