Should I start with a template or from scratch?

When you login to Storybuilder, you'll see the option to 'Create Story' by selecting the '+' icon on your home screen. When you click to add a new story, a popup menu will appear with the option to either start a story from scratch, or scroll down and select from a list of our story templates. 

What's the difference between a story template and starting a story from scratch?

  • Start from scratch: When you decide to start a story from scratch, it means that all of your story elements in build mode will be completely blank. It's up to you to add your characters, add your plot points, clarify your purpose, and put it all together on a timeline in build. 
  • Story template: On the other hand, story templates will have additional prompts and suggestions filled in for you to consider. Each story template is designed for a specific kind of story, which is why we've included guidance that is specific to that kind of story. For example, in the story template for a small business testimonial/case study, there will already be a character added for you to consider as the Heart: the Story First User—or the person who has had an exceptional experience with this small business.

If you're crafting a story that aligns with one of our story templates, then it might be worth checking out what suggestions we have to offer and which prompts to ask yourself. You'll see a list of the story templates we have available, and a description of what that story template was designed for, when you go to add a new story. 

However, if you would not like the additional prompts to guide you, or if your story isn't available as one of our story templates, then it would be better to start from scratch. 

If you have any additional suggestions for story templates that you'd like to see in the future, we always welcome ideas by emailing [email protected] :)

To learn more about templates, check out the video below: