What is a character in my story?

A character is a person, object, business, brand, or another main subject of your story; adding and developing characters are the ultimate way to connect viewers to your story and its objective. You can add a character to your story under 'Story Elements.'

People are most drawn to stories they most identify with. This is why it’s so big to use humans—rather than robots, monsters, or apes—to populate our stories. Or, if we are using a non-human character—to personify it. 

This is the benefit of leading with characters over purpose—even with documentaries. Leading with characters creates more of an emotional connection.

The main character is the Heart of your story. He/she is someone worth getting to know—and more than that, they're the force that carries your story. The more your main character moves your viewers, the more they fall in love with your story. Fall in love? Really? We’re not necessarily talking about your audience getting all mushy and sentimental over the main character of a story. Rather, we’re talking about a main character who the audience feels a strong connection to, and who really draws them into the story.

To learn more about how to add a character to your story check out following video:

Wistia video thumbnail - Skinny #3 (Adding Characters)

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